From 1964 to present…

Aron Cosmetics is a long-established family corporation founded by only deomestic capital thhat stepped in the cosmetics sector in 1964 with ALTIN YAPRAK cologne brand.

By improving the product range every year with the exp erience gained in time and sector analysis, ARON Cosmetics has reached substantial growth stages with the steady and constant figures since it tsepped in the cometic sector by bringing out products in guality and standarts needed by market. Production processes and guality controls have been realized in ARON Cosmetics’s own production facilities.

By following the developments and changes in sector in 2001 ARON Cosmetics completed the necessary foundation and r&d Works after having BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate and realizing actual technological investments and put wet napkin racetracks into activity. ARON Cosmetics has kept up growing the market share steadily.

ARON Cosmetics has created a difference and brand credibility in the sector byproducing in 2006 the ESSE Sun Serial which is one of the mighty specific product grroups in cosmetic sector.

Cologne, wet napkin, Sun Serial, air freshener, liguid soap, acetone, rosewater and perfumery groups are placed in our product groups.

Our tenets in regard with the guality policies are based on customer satisfaction by bringing consumers and gualified and up to date products together and on keeping on the growth rate, as a competitive company in the sector, by prodecing high gualified products bearing the responsibility and accuracy in mind.

In this context, ARON Cosmetics has been bringing out high gualified products according to the cosmetics regulations by taking hygiene, aesthetic and human health principles into consideration. Customer satisfaction, without making concessions to these principles, and appreciating the claims and suggestions of customers are of great importance for ARON Cosmetics.

By an entity having experience in the past of 49 years and sector analysis ARON Cosmetics will keep on giving services to you as a company giving weight to improvement and innovations on the tenets based on higher guality standarts and profile of exemplary producer.